About FUTURE Partners

Who are our FUTURE Partners?

The FUTURE Program has over 100 Partners in the regional workforce. Most of our Partners are UC Davis Alumni!  Partners participate in informational interviews with graduate students and postdocs, and may participate in panel discussions, small group talks such as our Campus-Side Career Chats, and networking events with our FUTURE participants.  The FUTURE Program always seeks to develop more partner contacts in various sectors of the economy who contribute to the biomedical enterprise, including but not limited to biotechnology, science communication, entrepreneurship, government, policy, and law. Our aim is to provide resources for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to explore a wide range of careers available to PhDs with experience in health related research..



Partnering with FUTURE

If you are interested in partnering with us to help prepare biomedical postdocs and graduate students to enter the workforce, we are eager to talk with you!

Please see our partner info page or send us an email: future_partners@ucdavis.edu

Current Partner Spotlight

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