About This Website

  • What is this website for?
  • The primary goal of this website is to help UC Davis postdocs and graduate students find opportunities to learn about and prepare for a diverse range of career paths that are available to PhDs with a biomedical background, both within and outside of academia. We established this website as a centralized resource for the broader UC Davis community that will link users to career exploration opportunities and to the sponsors (both UCD and external) that host and promote them.

    This website also serves as the home of the UCD FUTURE initiative and the gateway to membership in the FUTURE program.

  • How do I use this website?
  • Search Career Exploration Opportunities:

    You can browse the full list of opportunities, or use the search tool to select opportunities by date, interest area, or type.  Click the Opportunities Archive button to search opportunities that have already happened to identify opportunity sources, discover more event information, and be ready to attend next offerings of missed opportunities. Visit Ongoing Opportunities to see activities that have no specific end dates.

    The following additional features are available to UCD users who login (from the left navigation bar) through their Kerberos account:

    - Save opportunities to your My Opportunities list for later action

    - Register for opportunities that are registration-enabled

    - Mark your attendance at previous opportunities (listed in Opportunities Archive)

    - Maintain a record (My Opportunities) of opportunities that you saved, registered for, and attended

    Learn about and apply for membership in the FUTURE Program:

    Details of the FUTURE program and the NIH initiative that funds it can be found on this website.  If you are a UCD affiliate, you can login through Kerberos (find login on the left navigation bar) and apply to the Certificate Program.

    Browse opportunities on the go:

    The FUTURE website was developed with a Responsive Design, meaning the layout will adjust to the device you are using.  You can use the website and all of its features from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

  • What if I want to add an opportunity to this website?
  • We ask and encourage all sponsors (UCD and external) of professional development/career exploration opportunities to post their activities (seminars, workshops, courses, webinars, information sessions, panel discussions, etc.) on the FUTURE website to help users find these opportunities and to promote your organization as a great resource for the UCD community. To do so, please contact us at: FUTUREprogram@ucdavis.edu
  • What if I have more questions, or technical problems with this website?
  • We welcome your comments and suggestions about the content and features of this website. This is Phase 1 of what we hope will be a continually evolving and developing resource that helps graduate students and postdocs explore and prepare for the multitude of career paths available to them so that they can make informed and confident career decisions. Above all, we want this website to be of value to UC Davis postdocs and graduate students, so please help us keep this site relevant and informative by sharing your ideas with us. And we of course want to know about any technical problems right away so please contact us with technical difficulties, questions, comments and suggestions at: FUTUREprogram@ucdavis.edu